Microcosm Credits (SEGA CD)

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Microcosm Credits


ProgrammersSimon Moore, Gavin Dodd, Martin Linklater, David Smith, Paul Frewin, Dominic Mallinson, Stewart Sargaison, Andrew Toone, Chris Wylie, David Worrall
ArtistsJim Bowers, Garvan Corbett, Nicky Carus-Wescott, John Harris, James Robinson, Paul Franklin, Digby Rogers, Rogan MacDonald, Louise Smith, James MacDonald
Music Composed, Produced and Performed byRick Wakeman, Tim Wright, Kevin Collier, Mike Clarke, Philip Morris
Quality AssuranceJeff Clushaw, Jason Ennion
ConceptNeil Thompson, Nik Wild
StoryMark Tsai, Nik Wild
StoryboardRichard Browne, Neal Sutton
MarketingMark Blewitt, Sue Campbell, Maggie Goodwin, Phil Sandock
PublicityMark Blewitt, Sue Campbell, Maggie Goodwin, Phil Sandock
Manual TextRichard Browne, Richard Biltcliffe, Mark Tsai, David Worrall
D.T.P. ‑ UKKeith Hopwood
D.T.P. ‑ USHarry Bernard
Project ManagerJohn White
Psygnosis ProducerGreg Duddle
Gameplay DirectorsGary Mercer
Third Party LiaisonIan A. Grieve
Guardian DesignNick Burcombe, Jim Bowers

Intro Sequence

DesignJim Bowers, John Harris, Chris Moore
Film CrewNicky Carus-Wescott, Lee Carus-Wescott, Paul Franklin, Richard Browne, John Harris, Nick Burcombe, Jim Bowers, Andrew Toone, Simon Moore, Jeff Bramfitt, Mike Waterworth, Neil Thompson, Louise Smith

Extro Sequence

Extro SequencePaul Franklin, Garvan Corbett, Nicky Carus-Wescott
Acknowledgements toIan Hetherington, Jonathan Ellis, Jerry Wolosenko

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