Written by  :  Juan Ramirez (99)
Written on  :  Jan 20, 2003
Platform  :  SEGA CD

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I looove Night Trap ;D

The Good

Woah!!!! O_O Its an interactive cheesy 80's horror flick!! >_< These are real actors doing the scenes so it really does feel like an interactive movie! =D I laughed my ass off watching those cheesy early 90's girls "party". Its so weird to see stuff like this in a video game. Night Trap is truly quite the unique game. And... OMG... I am totally in love with the lip synching girl!! The one that screams 80's with her looks. You should see her acting! x_x

The Bad

The only downside is that it has two drawbacks. The first one is the lack of replay value. -_-;; Capturing gets quite repetitive. The second drawback is not being able to catch every aspect of the storyline in just 1 game because clips often play at the same time as others. It all depends on which room you decide to watch at a given time. You need to play the game several times to catch everything that goes on.

The Bottom Line

There are 8 rooms (outside, two hallways, bedroom, family room, kitchen, bathroom, staircase). The point of the game is to prevent as many creeps (the people dressed in black) as possible from going into the house and entering hidden passages (the house appears to be some kind of secret enemy lair). Each room randomly has things going on like the characters doing stuff and invaders coming in. You can only watch one room at a time. During a "creep scene" you have 1 chance and 1 second to execute the trap. BUT the trap will not work if your color code does not match the color code of the trap system. It starts out Blue but characters change it constantly. They say out loud what the new color is, but you won't know if you're not watching the room at the time.