Panic! Screenshots (SEGA CD)

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SEGA CD version

Motorcycle with triangle tires?
Here we go
Car fights back
Elevator Action
The Story
Tv Slime
Title Screen
A selection of buttons
Fire at will
The camera has sucked in the background and **** it out.
Guess where you have to push
Just when thought this game couldn't be any more Monty Python...
Another video game with flying turtles
At looks normal enough at first ...
... but lunacy is everywhere.
It's, ehm, art....I guess.
Modern art is killing off its audience.
No comment
I'm still waiting for Pac-Man to come.
Meta humor
Another set of buttons
The statue playing with its own head is a rather harmless effect in this game.
Moon on the phone
Back to the 60s
The pause menu gives an overview of your progress.
A ball of snot?
Some switches are booby-trapped and destroy things.
A musical tram
Yes, master?