PowerMonger Credits


Original Game Design byBullfrog Productions Ltd.
Sega CD VersionSprytes Ltd.
Project ManagersJon Dean, Ian Oliver
ProgrammingAlaric Binnie, John Mullins
GraphicsPete Lyon, Smoke
Musical Arrangements & EffectsAndy Johnson

For Electronic Arts

Executive ProducerJoss Ellis
ProducerKevin Buckner
Associate ProducerDiarmid Clarke
Product ManagerSean Ratcliffe (U.K.), Rick Lucas (U.S.)
Technical SupervisionColin McLaughlan (U.K.), Tim Brengle (U.S.)
Technical SupportHugo van der Sanden
Lead TesterMark Bergan (U.K.), Bryan C. Beckstrand (U.S.)
Test SupervisorNick Goldsworthy
MusicJason A. S. Whitely
Package DirectionNancy Waisanen
DocumentationClive Downie, Neil Cook
Manual LayoutTom Peters
Quality AssuranceRichard Wilson (U.K.), Dan Gossett (U.S.)
Aerial SequencesColin Chung, Mark Sibson, Eve Penford

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (172968)