Prize Fighter Credits (SEGA CD)

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Prize Fighter Credits


DeveloperDigital Pictures
Executive ProducerTom Zito
Original ConceptKevin Welsh, Mark Klein
ScreenplayLaurie Frank, John Richardson
Director Of PhotographyPaul McIlvaine
Interactive DesignKevin Welsh, Charles J. D. Schlissel, Steve DeFrisco
Computer ProgrammingSteve DeFrisco
Digital Pictures ProducersKevin Welsh, Charles J. D. Schlissel
DirectorRon Stein
BoxersJimmy Nickerson, Manny Perry, Billy Lucas, Ben Bray
Boxing CoordinatorSteve Buckingham
Sega Staff CoordinatorChris W. Bankston
Digital Pictures Lead TesterDavid Popovich
Sega Test ManagerStephen Patterson
Sega Lead TesterJoe Cain
Sega Test LieutenantErik Wahlberg
Sega TestersHarry Chavez, Janine Cook, Brian Dawson, Marc Dawson, Daniel P. Dunn, Mark Fabela, Lawrence Gibson, Roman Greco, Randall Hauser, John Hansen, Ty Johnson, Dan Jung, Jeff Junio, Mark Kessler, Dermot Lyons, Michael Madden, Ted Morton, Mark Paniagua, Bill Person, Matthew Brian Rosaaen, Mark Subotnick, Ben Szymkowiak, Terry Thomas, Gregg Vogt, Ari Warner
Product ManagerDean Fox
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw, Digital Pictures
Special ThanksRiley R. Russell III

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