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Rise of the Dragon (SEGA CD)

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Rise of the Dragon Credits


DesignerJeffrey Tunnell
DirectorJeffrey Tunnell
Art DirectorRandy Dersham
Conceptual Art and CharactersRobert Caracol
Game Development SystemRichard Rayl, Dariusz Lukaszuk, Kevin Ryan
ArtistsMark Brenneman, Brian Hahn (as Erian Hahn)
ProgrammersLouie McCrady, Richard Rayl, Kevin Ryan, Nels Bruckner, Dariusz Lukaszuk
Audio DirectorAlan McKean
MusicChristopher Stevens
SoundsChristopher Stevens
Original ScoreDon Latarski
Dialogue and TextJerry Luttrell, David Selle
UnknownYōichi Miyaji, Satoshi Uesaka, Takuya Osamura, Osamu Harada, Mitsuhiro Watariya, Ari Kamijō, Naozumi Honma, Masatoshi Azumi, Meiko Wada, Tōru Tsukishima, Satoru Miyazaki, Heropin , Him, Kakisis , Yasunori Takahara, Isao Mizoguchi, Magician Tare, Dōgen Shibuya, Choko Koizumi, Hoyg Kow Low Dong
Voice Acting TalentDavid Plaschon
Executive ProducerKent Russell

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