Related Web Sites

  • Hints for Monkey Island 1 (Stuck? These hints will help you solve the game without spoiling it for you.)
  • ScummVM (Get "The Secret of Monkey Island", as well as many other adventure games, to run on modern systems by using ScummVM, a legal and free program.)
  • Secret of Monkey Island comic book (The story of MI1 presented as a comic book in the art style of the Curse of Monkey Island (MI3), by fan artist Paco Vink. Not yet complete, but ongoingly in progress over the past three years!)
  • The Scumm Bar (A wonderful site dedicated to the Monkey Island games.)
  • The Secret of Monkey Island: The Play (In spring of 2004 a high school mounted a student production of a theatrical adaptation of the game. Here is the first of nine segments on YouTube.)
  • The World of Monkey Island (A comprehensive site about the world of Monkey Island games from Lucasarts.)

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