The Secret of Monkey Island Screenshots (SEGA CD)

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SEGA CD version

Produced by Sega
Developed by Lucasfilm Games
In the caribbean
Title screen with credits
Game start
In the SCUMM bar
The first pirate to talk to
Another pirate
Typical alleyway
Someone lures me into a dark corner
Beware of the poodles
In the church
The merchant
The sheriff
Voodoo lady
Sword fighting.
Captain's Cabin.
On deck with your crew of lazy bums.
In the crow's nest.
Below deck.
The ship's kitchen.
Cargo hold.
On the shore of Monkey Island (TM)!
Over head view of Monkey Island (TM)!
Steep cliff.
Of course it wouldn't be Monkey Island, without a monkey or two...