The Secret of Monkey Island Screenshots (SEGA CD)

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SEGA CD version

Title Screen
Talking to Lookout
Entering SCUMM Bar
Talking to mean-looking pirate
Bearded pirate
Lechuck's ghost ship
Lechuck appears
George Lucas?
Melee Island Map
Stan's place
Guybrush blasted into a pole
Melee Street
Overhead Melee Street
Talking to the Sheriff, Fester Shinetop
Swordmanship Trainer
Guybrush showing his stuff
Training Against THE MACHINE
Sword fighting.
Captain's Cabin.
On deck with your crew of lazy bums.
In the crow's nest.
Below deck.
The ship's kitchen.
Cargo hold.
On the shore of Monkey Island (TM)!
Over head view of Monkey Island (TM)!
Steep cliff.
Of course it wouldn't be Monkey Island, without a monkey or two...