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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Vay Credits

USA Team

Executive DirectorVictor Ireland
DirectorDean Williams
TranslationHorkom International, Hiroko Mori, Dean Williams, Victor Ireland, Andy Hedman
Sound EngineerBill Staeck
Additonal ArtBill Ulch, Michael J. Winterbauer, Tim Linden
Additonal MusicBill King
Manual Design & Unchi InputDon Shirley, Victor Ireland


SandorJason Mitchell
ElinKatie Staeck
PottleAshley Angel
RachelKathryn Kirk
P.J.Tammy Jones
KinseyKatie Staeck
LynxMike E. Miller
JealDean Williams
SadoulT. Owen Smith
NarratorKeith Lack
King of KerzaltHal Delahousse
OttoDean Williams

Japan Team

DirectorK. Maz
ProducerK. Kato
Main ProgramGyo
Sub ProgramTaka
IllustrationYasuhiro Kagami
AnimationIsii Wasuo
Battle BG, Map, Animation GraphicsFukuinhei, Koohiisgyuunyuu, K. Tani, N. Taishi, Senbei
Object GraphicsFukuinhei, Meiden
Monster GraphicsTsunetomo Sugawara (B.T.S.), Koohiisgyuunyuu, Meiden, N. Taishi
Music Composer & Sound EffectSakop
Map Editor & WritingSenbei
Scenario Program & Animation EditTaka
Event ConstructionSenbei, Taka
Animation ScenarioK. Tani
Item LocationMeiden
Monster LocationTsunetomo Sugawara (B.T.S.)
USA Version ProgramDanna
USA Version DebugH. Yagi

Special Thanks

Special ThanksCindy Ireland (Cindy), S. Schmitt, Jane Chaney, Bill Gibson, Artsvision Corp., Audio. Tanaka Corp., Nekurai, ...And you.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Don Komarechka (1588) and 雷堂嬢太朗 -raido.jotaro- (52489)