Wild Woody (SEGA CD)

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Wild Woody Credits


ProducerGordon Haberfelde
Project ManagementGordon Haberfelde, Christopher Shen
Programming ManagementDan Hitchens, David Marshall
Art ManagementJohn Broenen, Mimi Doggett
Production AssistantDebbie Kramer
Game DesignChristopher Shen, The Wild Woody Team
Boss Level DesignBruce Krueger
Bonus Level DesignDoug Lanford
Bonus Level ProgrammingDoug Lanford
MarketingJohn Garner
Marketing AssistantClint Dyer
DocumentationLorene Goble, Eric Smith
PackagingLorene Goble, Eric Smith
ManualHillary Clayson Loeb, Kathy Garfield
ProgrammersDaniel Deremiah, Dan Hitchens, Peter Koning, Robert Lamb, Doug Lanford, David Marshall, Martin Power, Rex Sabio, Jean Yu
Artists World Art/DesignRussell Barba, John Broenen, Mimi Doggett, Bruce Krueger
3D Art LeadClifford Lau
3D ArtistsJohn Bell, Clifford Lau, Mike Mangano, Joel Mariano
Motion Capture ActorDonald Hom
2D AnimationJohn Broenen, Scott Burroughs, James Guilford, Bruce Krueger, Marty Murphy, Ken Richardson, Jeremiah Sears
2D ArtistsMatt Crane, Kristin J. Mallory
TitlesMimi Doggett, Dick Holmes
MusicRon Thal (Composer and Producer), Ron Thal's debut album to be released by Shrapnel Records., (c) 1995 Varney Metal Music & Shrapnel Records Inc.
SoundRon Thal (Composer and Producer), Ron Thal's debut album to be released by Shrapnel Records., (c) 1995 Varney Metal Music & Shrapnel Records Inc.
Executive Music ProducerSpencer N. Nilsen
Engineered Mixed and MasteredDave Young, Ron Thal, Spencer N. Nilsen, at SEGA Music Group San Fransisco
Sound Foley EffectsBarry Blum, Dave Young
Gameplay EffectsBrian Coburn, Mark Miller
Voice TalentJeff Farber (Low Man), Joe Kerska (Woody), Bruce Robertson (Misc. Voices), Debbie Rogers (Answering Machine)
Lead TesterJoe Cain
Assistant LeadBlair Bullock, David Dodge, Scott Morris, Tim Turner
TestersMike Benton, Sako Bezdjian, Joel Breton, Doug Griffiths, Matthew Ironside, Leslie Kristoffer, Lester Neil, Ryan Musser, Abraham Navarro, Robert Owen, C. Matthew Prescott, Steve Rapp, Jon Ries, W. Scott Snyder, Gregg Vogt, David Wood
Special Thanks toMark Decker, Douglas Eidsmore, Michael Latham, Tony Van, Shinya Yarimizo

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