Alex Kidd in Miracle World Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

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SEGA Master System version

Title screen
While Alex is enjoying his favorite rice ball, we are presented with a map of Radactian
This is Alex Kidd, prince of Radaxian. Graphics are simple, but colorful.
The first location: Mt. Eternal
Alex Kidd breaks blocks with powerful punches.
Alex Kidd can also swim.
The shop
Alex on his motorcycle
Playing Janken with Gooseka
The second location: Lake Fathom
The hidden underground section of Lake Fathom
The old man who tells you your mission
Inside a peticopter
A bull charging at Alex
Alex can't kill this flame
Playing Janken with Chokkinna
Alex in the Blakwoods
Come on, since when do bears attack with huge swords?
Alex in the hoverboat
Watch out for the lightning bolt
Playing Janken with Parplin. Now that I have the telepathy ball, I can read his mind
Going inside the Radactian Palace
Alex inside the Radactian Palace
Alex sees his brother Egle imprisoned here
Another village
Alex going inside Janken's castle
Mr. Money Bags
Janken the Great