Written by  :  okos ember (17)
Written on  :  Jan 02, 2008
Platform  :  SEGA Master System
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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Such a GREAT little game!

The Good

At this age of gaming industry, only the best looking games with hyper-realistic effects can take a chance. You might think that I'm a fool, but a few years ago, I bought a used Sega Master-System II, with thirteen game cartridges. I've never had such machine before, the very first gaming console I've played with was a Megadrive. I'm telling you this only to convince you that I wouldn't be sentimental about any Master-system games. And I have to say, that half of them were quite crappy. And then I tried Bubble Bobble. This game had the most aged look of them all, the sound was pretty simple, and the gameplay was incredibly easy. Despite all that stuff, I remember sitting there for hours. This game is great! You control this little dinosaur thingy, who can blow big bubbles to capture the ghosts on each level. There are several different types of enemies, some other bubbles with different functions, bonus material, and so on. The whole game feels like Pac-Man, or Invaders. Remember those games! They were incredibly simple to play, with even more simple game concepts, but they really worked well! Another nice feature here is the two player mode. The second player controls a blue dinosaur thingy, and you can take care of this ghost problem together.

The Bad

Well, it seems like, that the developers made this game especially for kids. Therefore, sometimes Its way too easy (and you just can't die. Since your'e not playing this on a coin-up arcade machine, you don't have to put money in, you just hit continue, and that's it), and because of that, you can rumble your way through several levels, very fast. And they seem a bit repetitive after a while.

The Bottom Line

All in all, a really simple arcade game, and simply one of the best console-games, I've ever played.