Ecco the Dolphin Credits


ProducerJerry Markota
MarketingAmi Matsumura-Blaire
Creator of EccoE. Ettore Annunziata
Technical directorLászló Mérő
Main ProgrammerAttila Bús
ProgrammerBalázs Pápai
ArtistEszter Páris
MusicCsaba Gigor, Gábor Foltán
Hardware supportLajos Szabó
Special ThanksAndrea Eszterhai, László Szenttornyai, József Molnár
Lead testersDianna Carroll, Conan Tigard, Christine M. Watson
TestersRey Alferez, Michael Bench, Blair Bullock, Shrinivasan Chandrasekara, Harry Chavez, Janine Cook, Aron Drayer, Ivan Foong, David Forster, Jason Friedman, Michael H. Gilmartin, Richie Hideshima, Keith Higashihara, Lawrence Jeung, Tracy Johnson, Wing Kwan, Vasily Lewis, Jeffrey L. Loney, Simon Lu, Anthony Lynch, Julio Martinez, Peter McNab, Michael Madden, Heather Meigs, Lancelot Nelson, Andrew Podesta, Kirk Rogers, Bruno Sarret, Maria Tuzzo, Katy Weathers
I dedicate this game tomy daughter Dorottya


Cover Artwork byBoris Vallejo (Boris ©92)

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