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Raze (Jun, 1991)
The Mega Drive version has two plus points over the Master System version. Firstly, there's a wider range of characters, with more abilities and deeper gameplay. Secondly, the Mega Drive version is far more playable, with the Master System hampered by some very slow gameplay. But I dare say the two-player option on both versions will make both sell like hot Super Famicoms.
Mean Machines (Dec, 1990)
Gain Ground was an obscure coin-op in the first place, and the Master System version hardly grabs the imagination either. A good idea has been lost in dreary, aimless play that constantly fails to grab the imagination; I thought the game would improve as it became more difficult - but no luck there! The graphics are block-like and lack any real animation, and in my humble opinion the sound has little to add to the overall blandness of this game. There are some good features in this effort, though; some of the later screens provide a fair amount of challenge, and it takes some time to work out the approach needed to battle through the robots. It's a shame that the play soon becomes repetitive. Still it's a different game that just misses out in the excitement stakes.
Fazit: Durchschnittliches, einmal anders dargestellt. Ein vorsichtiger Blick könnte sich lohnen.
Tilt (Jan, 1991)
La conversion Master System de Gain Ground est assez décevante, dans la mesure où il n'est pas possible de jouer à deux. Sans l'option deux joueurs, ce programme n'est plus qu'un shoot-them-up assez ordinaire dont on se lasse dès la seconde partie.
Power Play (Nov, 1990)
Die Mastersystem-Umsetzung hingegen verliert dank der technisch miserablen Ausführung deutlich an Spielbarkeit. Die Sprites rucken und flackern um die Wette, die Grafiker haben wohl das letzte Mal auf einem Spektrum für Bilder gesorgt und die Musik ist schlichtweg zum Heulen.
This little known Sega coin-op conversion looks like a single screen version of Gauntlet - but that's where the similarities end. As well as having duff graphics, Gain Ground is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Leave it on the shelf.