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The New Zealand Story (SEGA Master System)

The New Zealand Story Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

The kiwis get away from the leopard seal...
...only to be captured
Level 1-1
Don't waste too much time, otherwise the green devil will kill you
A kiwi is rescued from her cage
Map of New Zealand
Level 1-2
Watch out for those spikes
Level 1-3
Tiki comes from the forest pictured here
Swimming underwater
Squirting an enemy
Boss of Auckland
Level 2-1
Riding a goose
It seems Tiki is running out of air
Level 2-3
Level 2-4
Boss of Rotorua
Level 3-1
It's Kermit the Frog, shooting a fireball at you
Level 3-2
A warp tunnel located above Tiki
Level 3-3
Boss of Waitomo Caves
Dead in the water
On a ship
High scores