Written by  :  Kevin Huang (9)
Written on  :  Oct 01, 2012
Platform  :  SEGA Master System

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Better than the Arcade Coin Op!!!

The Good

I have a unique take on Out Run for the Sega Master System, as I am one of the few people that actually OWNS the original arcade coin up machine that has a steering wheel (bought it on ebay for $250!!!)

I am not lying to anybody, I enjoyed the Sega Master System's version more than the arcade version! Even though the arcade is always the gold standard, I actually PREFERRED the brighter colors and more realistic driving feel of the SMS over the arcade!

There are an additional two factors that make the SMS superior to the arcade:

1) The OutRun coin op I bought has a serious steering wheel alignment problem! Thus the car lists to the right, making even the first level nearly impossible to win. With the simple SMS keypad (my favorite keypad of all time due to its simplicity and reliability), there are no such problems.

2) No fan noise. The Out Run coin up has a very loud fan that keeps the inner components cool. Yet this translates to very loud and aggravating fan noise, despite the quality of the game. The SMS has no such noise, but the programmers really nailed the right level of road noise!

I'll be fixing my Out Run coin up at some point (new CRT, reduce the fan motor noise, fix the steering wheel), likely for more than I paid for the machine itself! Still, I miss my SMS version because my brother has the console and I don't. Even after getting my cabinet repaired, I'd play my SMS Out Run at least as much if I could get my hands on it.

The Bad

I liked EVERYTHING about this game. Flawless

The Bottom Line