Superman: The Man of Steel (SEGA Master System)

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Superman: The Man of Steel Credits

Graftgold Creative Software

ProgrammingRod Mack, Steve Turner, © 1992 Graftgold Ltd
GraphicsJohn W. Lilley (John Lilley)
MusicJason Page
Additional DesignSteve Turner, Rod Mack
Produced byIan Mathias
Quality AssuranceDarren Lloyd, Ken Jordan, Terry Spoon
Manual OriginationGary Penn
MarketingAndrew Wright, Matthew Walker
Logistics ManagerCatherine Spratt
Storyboard DesignMichael Mendheim
Sound OriginatorKenji Yamazaki (Kenji Yamasaki), Junichi Ueda, Jason Page
Game Design © 1992Sunsoft

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