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The background story...
Intro, the Terminator logo scrolls by...
Title screen
Stage one intro
Now it is up to you, Reese!
Here we go!
Level one mission: to destroy the reactor.
Reese must avoid the ship's bombs.
Hey, I thought Terminators looked like Ah-nold, not Sly.
This is the reactor you're supposed to destroy.
Ah, a machine gun!
She's going to blow!
Run Reese, run!
Stage two intro
Reese must find Sarah Connor.
Level 2 mission: find Technoir, Sarah is there.
Reese is going to blow some punks.
Climbing my way to the next stage's part.
Stage two, part two: how am I supposed to jump that far?
Game over
You've got a high score!
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