Written by  :  gametrader (233)
Written on  :  Jan 10, 2005
Platform  :  SEGA Master System

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One or two player slow scrolling action shooter

The Good

It is a very basic shoot em up game that is not hard to play. The two player mode is quite a bit of fun. The backgrounds are different levels make it feel like you are travelling through time.

The Bad

There are small enemy projectiles that easily get lost in the graphics until they kill you. In two player mode you have to make sure you don't get the other player stuck somewhere. And there are never enough super weapons.

The Bottom Line

It is a slow moving ground based top down shooter. Fight off the usual unlimited grunts and a limited number of mid level bad guys.You must then beat the boss at the end of each level. Then warp to the next higher level. There is a two player mode with both on the same screen. One of the better SMS games.