The full title of the anime the game is based on is Akai K┼Źdan Jirion which is Japanese for "Red Photon Zillion"

Contributed by James Evans (42) on Mar 18, 2008. -- edit trivia

I have to correct Satoshi here: Zillion, the anime, was released in the United States. (I have a tape myself.) It was released in 1990 by Streamline Pictures and dubbed into English. A search for "Zillion" on eBay should find a few.

Contributed by J. Michael Bottorff (1791) on Aug 25, 2003. -- edit trivia

Yes, Zillion was based on an anime (or is that the other way around?). However, as it was never released Stateside, it's nearly impossible to get ahold of.

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The Sega Master System's Light Phaser was modeled after the gun featured in Zillion.

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