Written by  :  thehype16 (3)
Written on  :  Jul 12, 2009
Platform  :  SEGA Saturn
Rating  :  3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars

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A dark arena filled with scares and creatures.

The Good

Alien Trilogy is a game that is fun to play. Especially, if you feel that there are not enough FPSs on Sega Saturn. The game starts you off in great atmosphere of darkness which can make you jump at certain points, no kidding. The game basically asks you to handle simple objectives and find your way to the exit. but you must watch out for those aliens. I am enjoying this game as a recent buy, and it is good for those people who need to have at least a decent shooter to play if its hard for them to find Saturn games. Enemies are plentiful in the levels, which is really good. The overall graphics are nice and the controls are manageable but may time to get used especially if you play new gen systems.

The Bad

What I didn't like was, though the graphics were nice, they could have polished it more. Gameplay levels can be more dynamic and larger. The controls for movement aren't changeable, which I would like to have fixed. Besides those nothing much else to dislike.

The Bottom Line

It is an eerie environment encrusted game of aliens, infected humans, and lunatics. Enjoy.