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Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 1 Credits

Digital Eclipse Software Team

Executive ProducerAndrew Ayre
Lead ProgrammerDaniel Filner
These gentlemen were responsible for reproducing the original game soundsDoug Jefferys, John Kowalski, Dave Larson
Chris conducted the interviews in the game history.Chris Charla
provided digital post-production on the video interviewsFlying Rhino Productions
provided production on the narrativeEarwax Productions
NarratorSandy Mahoney
provided original computer-generated animationMidnight Design
Provided additional still artworkSue Ayre, Image Impressions

Atari Games Team

V.P. of Product DevelopmentBill Hindorff
ProducerWallace Poulter
Testing ManagerMike Kruse
Lead TestersJose Amparan, Jesse Meza II, Shubrian Butler
TestersTodd Papy, David Ortiz, Randy Slafsky, Alexander Beran, Matt Gilbert, Pablo Buitrago, C. J. Perez, Donald Gavino, Kevin Dines, Rob Reininger
Special ThanksHoward Lehr, Debra Heinz, Gregory Allen, Brian Fritts, Finn Jensen (Manager of the Scandia Family Center in Suisun CA)
Special Thanks to the Original Atari Team MembersEd Rotberg, Ed Logg, David Theurer

Midway Home Entertainment Team

Print Design and ProductionDebra Austin, Jon Mongelluzzo, Shawn Murphy, Robert Shepherd, Erin Shems, Dave Young
Special ThanksDeborah K. Fulton, Don Knapp, Bruce Adams

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Credits for this game were contributed by codefrog (390)