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Back of Box (US):

    Oldeland, once a land of peace and serenity, is now embroiled in turmoil. The evil Lord Bane and his ruthless band of marauders have overtaken the four kingdoms that rule this land.

    Now you must rely on the special powers of a Prince, a Ninja, a Priestess, a Lion man, an Archer and others to reclaim your kingdoms and regain control of this beautiful land you once called your own!

    • 3-D graphics plus changing views and perspectives pull you into the action!
    • Characters gain experience and special moves as you battle nearly 50 different warriors.
    • Use strategic vantage points, over 150 methods of attack, and a vast array of spells in your quest to conquer the evil Lord Bane.

    Contributed by breakyboy (1635) on Mar 15, 2006.