Brain Dead 13 Credits


Directed byDavid Quesnelle
Produced byDavid Quesnelle
Executive ProducerDavid Foster
Assistant DirectorDan Turner
Music ByBrian Jack
VoicesJune Brown (Vivi), Blayne L. Burnside (Moose), Riccardo Durante (Lance), Joe Giampapa (Fritz), David Quesnelle (The Brain / The Witches)
StoryboardsRiccardo Durante, David Quesnelle
Production ManagerPatty Beausoleil
DesignRiccardo Durante, Richard Livingston, David Quesnelle
Additional DesignJoe Giampapa, Luc Latulippe, Evan Steacy
Layout ArtistsMichael J. Brooks, Brad Graham, Jo-Anne Graham, Chad Hicks, Ed Lee, Kent Madden, Joanne Rice, Andrew Wolf, Peter Wong
Additional LayoutScott Bennett, Kathleen Pepper, Brian Therriault, Ian Williams
Background Painting - Supervisor Barbara Massey
Background PaintersJohn A. Charlesworth, Ian Gregory, Kellie S. Jobson, Peter A. Lacalamita, Jay Stanners
Animation - Sequence DirectorsJoe Giampapa (Fritz's Room), Luc Latulippe (Vivi's Room), Evan Steacy (Moose's Room)
AnimatorsJoseph N. Achorn, Keith Bambury, Jee Chan Baylis, Josee Bellemare, James A. Dawkins, Trevor Deane-Freeman, James McCrimmon, Hong-Sik Kim, Jamie Mason, Mike Stevens, Phillip Williams
Animation AssistantsJee Chan Baylis, Andre L. Beaulne, Lee Cadieux, Eunice Choi, Gina Ferreirra, Kevin S. Fraser, Lisa K. Harlton, Mike Helmer, Andy Knight, James McCrimmon, Mike Nichols, Wendy Parkin, Shawn Pascuttini, Michael P. Rich, Phillip F. Tiqui, Phillip Williams
Special EffectsDan Turner
Special Effects AssistantsLouise Kiner, Gord Sinclair
Cel Painting & Checking Co-ordinatorNatalie Garceau-Turner
Assistant Co‑ordinatorsLouise Kiner, Mark Harris
Painter‑CheckersIan Ball, Mathew Knegt, Cindy Kong, Kevin Stott, Ian Williams
Extra PaintingJohn A. Charlesworth, John Durno, Cheddie Garnesh, Ian Gregory, Robert Jackman, Sebastian Krupa, David Magerman, Martina McKenna, Mike Ramotar, Jay Stanners, Joe Verissimo, John Westwood, Shawn Woytowich
Sound EditingMichele Cook, Cindy Livingston
Sound Editing AssistantDavid Bird
3D AnimationIan Gregory
Computer CameraDan Turner
Computer Manipulation & ComposingTorin Marsden, Trent Matthews
ScanningCheddie Garnesh, Ian Ball, Ian Williams
Promotional Graphic DesignIan Ball
Promotional ArtworkDavid Quesnelle
Promotional Artwork AssistantNatalie Garceau-Turner
Technical SupportDouglas Brookes, Gairy Ali
Image Process ProgrammingKavita Joshi, Simon Lai
ProgrammingPierre Proulx
Computer AssistantsDavid Bird, Mike Boulet, David Magerman, Torin Marsden, Pejman Saifi, Joe Verissimo
Public Relations ManagerJune Brown
Adverstising Co‑ordinatorElizabeth Foster
Operations ManagerPamela Merkel
Materials Co‑ordinatorKelly Bryan
Credit ManagerTracey Spearing-Woods
AccountingSandra Wall
ReceptionistSusan Willard, Anna Fok
Sales & MarketingJames Jolly
Marketing AssistantSam Leung
Warehouse ManagerPeter McLaughlin
Warehouse AssistantsJames Miles, Jeyakanthan Thuraisingan

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (44003)