Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands (SEGA Saturn)

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Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands Credits

Probe Personnel

Executive ProducerTony Beckwith
Associate ProducerJames Stewart
ProgrammersDavid J. Broadhurst, Mark Fisher
FMV Artwork & DesignJason McDonald, Gary Noden, Charles Jackson, Paul Brierly, Frances Castle, Alex Lawrence
ArtistsMathew Cooling, Mark Frazer
MusiciansAndrew Brock, Stuart McDonald
FMV SoundtrackStephen Root
QA ManagerClifford Ramsey
QA TestingMitchell Slater, Nick McGee, James Brown, Craig Kerrison, Tom Geddes

Acclaim Personnel

QA Senior ManagerMike Weiner
QA SupervisorsCarol Caracciolo, Thomas Falzone
Lead AnalystEric Hendrickson
Technical Support SupervisorHarry Reimer
Senior Technical AnalystsJohn F. Gonzales, Howard Perlman
Technical Support TechniciansGreg McGovern, Andrew Fullaytor
Project LeadKristian Telschow
TestersChristian Moy, Mike Sterzel, Martin Glantz
Tester TrainingChristopher Shanley

The Rainbow Project

Converted by GraftgoldSteve Turner, Julie Turner, Andrew Braybrook, Kevin Holloway
ProgrammersCharles Knight, Jose Doran, Iain Wallington, Dan Leslie, Simon Clay
ArtistsColin Seaman, Jeffrey Miranda, Steve Wilkins, Mike McGregor
MusicianLee Banyard

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