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Casper (SEGA Saturn)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Casper Credits

Interplay Productions

Executive ProducerAlan Pavlish
DirectorMark Nausha
ProducerJustin Siller
Movie Player Programmed byPaul Allen Edelstein
Audio DirectorCharles Deenen
Music Composed byRichard Band
Music EditingRonald Valdez, Brian Luzietti
VO EditingChris Borders, Craig Duman, Sergio A. Bustamante II
VO & SFX MasteringCraig Duman, Sergio A. Bustamante II
Music MasteringJason Arnold (at Tower Mastering)
MasteringCraig Duman
Sound Effects byPfeifer Digital Services
Director of QAJeremy S. Barnes
Asst Dir of QADarren L. Monahan
Lead TesterDerek Bullard
TestersSavina Greene, Daniel Huffman, Lawrence Smith, Jim Dodds
3D DigitizingDave Carroll
Manual TextKelly Newcomb
Package DesignDavid Gaines
ThanksAnisa Aven, Brian F. Christian, Richard Doerksen, Michael Greene (Paco), Robert Holloway
Voice CastingJamie Thomason
Dialogue DirectorJamie Thomason
Voice Talent CoordinatorJulie Morgavi
Casper Malachi Pearson
FatsoBrad Garrett
StretchJoe Nipote
StinkieJoe Alaskey
Dr Harvey/NarratorBlair Bess
Kat HarveyTanya Krievins

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