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GamePro (US) (Feb, 1997)
The gameplay sizzles with a perfect blend of combat and exciting challenges, such as defusing traps, seizing control of enemy droids and more. If you loved Loaded and Project Overkill, snap up Crusader.
Consoles Plus (Apr, 1997)
Action et exploration sont au programme de ce jeu qui aurait mérité une réalisation plus soignée. La prise en main est bien pensée et l'animation assez rapide.
Defunct Games (Sep 25, 2005)
My only real gripes with this one are the control learning curve, which is admittedly a minor inconvenience only at the beginning of the game, and the small, somewhat pixilated character models. They certainly pass muster, but I feel they could have made them a little more detailed. Other than that, this is a great experience. The music and sound effects provide a great deal of atmosphere, and each level is objective based, so you always have something to do. If can still find it, definitely pick it up.
Mega Fun (Apr, 1997)
Spielerisch und technisch gleicht die Saturn-Version, abgesehen von den transparenten Wänden, dem PS-Pendant. Somit bleibt Crusader eine Ballerei mit Tiefgang und geradezu verwirrend vielen Items, das jedoch zwei Schwächen aufweist. Zum einen die hakelige Steuerung, zum anderen die mangelnde Abwechslung.
GameSpot (Jan 23, 1997)
In the end, the game's control problems can be overcome by those patient enough to master them. That reason alone is why Crusader didn't end up in my circular file. If you've got the time to learn, and the desire to destroy, Crusader contains more than enough action and explosions to satisfy.
Electric Playground (Apr 10, 1997)
Origin has made a solid little action game here. Although the developers wanted it to be more than just a run of the mill shooter (by providing a rich and twisted back story and various in-game puzzles), Crusader: No Remorse's biggest success comes from the fact that it's really fun to rip those WEC yes-men and their machines in two.
It's easy to dismiss Crusader as being a bad game if you only play it for a few minutes. The graphics are so-so (although everything blows up real nice), the animation is choppy and the missions seem mostly of the repetitive, blow-stuff up variety. But this PC port has depth. Each of the 15 missions is ultra-long and packs plenty of objectives. Fortunately, you can save your game at any time (you only get one life, so save often!). It's the control that really hurts this game. The joypad is unresponsive and simple tasks such as sidestepping and rolling are a chore, as well as silly-looking. You can't even shoot while sidestepping!