Dark Seed Credits

Credits (U.S.A.)

Executive ProducersPatrick Ketchum, Rolf Klug, Jean Klug
ProducersAri Minasian, Harald Seeley, Mike Dawson
ConceptMike Dawson, John Krause, Patrick Ketchum
DesignersMichael Cranford, Mike Dawson
Additional DesignersHarald Seeley, Lennard Feddersen
Chief Technical OfficerJohn Krause
ProgrammingJohn Krause, Gary Vick, Chris Granger, Lennard Feddersen, Brian Fitzgerald, Mike Dimambro, David Bean, Dong Seo Game Channel
Musical ScoreGregory Alper
Music & Sound EffectsChris Granger, David Bean
Art & Animation DirectorBernd Brummbaer, Paul Drzewiecki
Dark World ArtH.R. Giger's fantastic library
Computer Graphics ArtistsJulia Ulano, Joby-Rome Otero, Paul Ryan
ActorsMike Dawson, John Krause, Paul Drzewiecki, Heidi Marendi
English Digitized VoicesDavid Bean, Lennard Feddersen, Kitty Gunn, Deem Bristow, Gabriella Straus, Eric Allen, Gary Gillett
Game TextMichel Horvat
MarketingJames Lamorticelli, Mark Scriven
Public RelationsJames Lamorticelli, Mark Scriven
Package DesignBright & Associates
Background ManualJamile G. Mafi, Bill Simpson, Julia Ulano
Purchasing & ProductionPamela Lum
Administrative AssistantsJamie Ottilie, Steven Grabowski, Alison Ryan
Attorney at LargeMatthew Hostomsky (Esq.)
Very Special Thanks toH. R. Giger (for his incredible visions), Rolf Klug (for his commitment), Jean Klug (for her commitment), Mia for her hospitality and support, Jim Cowan (for his assistance), Leslie Barany (for her assistance)

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (179128)