Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

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SEGA Saturn version

Title screen
Introducing the characters: the charismatic Spooky.
Cut-scenes combine anime-style characters with CG.
Nemissa, the foxy cyber-demon
Some background story
Paradigm X: a paradise or a deadly decoy?
Talking to your partner Hitomi.
Cool detail: enter your name as part of a hacking sequence.
Your sister Tomoko, who also appears in other Megaten games.
You receive an e-mail.
Navigating a district map.
Navigating the ciity map.
Talking to the leader at the Spookies hideout.
The cool Spookies truck!
Exploring Paradigm X.
Conversation with an NPC on the street
Visiting a fortune teller.
Party information screen
It's just virtual reality, you fools!
Virtual art gallery
Viewing the statistics of a demon in your party.
Visiting a convenience store.
The handy auto-map
Fighting random enemies.
Algon Soft headquarters dungeon
Talking to random enemies.
Allocating points after leveling up.
Gaki asks you a philosophical question: why do you live? Choose your answer.
Fighting a maniacal guitar-playing boss. Things don't go well...