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Die Hard Arcade (SEGA Saturn)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.
Written by  :  kevin mcilwain (5)
Written on  :  Oct 04, 2005
Platform  :  SEGA Saturn
Rating  :  3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful

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A good game... "GOOD"

The Good

There are many good things about this game say for instance; the wide (for an arcade game) range of levels the sound effects and music and the best thing... the "VIOLENCE". Come on even the nicest people like a bit of beat\shoot em' up action to finish off their day... and it was fun burning them bad guys with the lighter and spray can combo... am I right?

Well anyway this is a fairly decent game that would complete or add to a collection (IMO) and was worth buying at the time, Good luck now though this game sells for about $25! on eBay OUCH! ...

Well I hope this review has given you a fair idea about the game.

The Bad

The main negative of this game would have to be the graphics, I mean sure they're good but they didn't compete with some of the other titles at that time.

The Bottom Line

A game that was worth buying a few years ago but i only suggest trying to buy it now if you were a "Die Hard" fan of the game... get it... die hard... oh never mind. Well goodbye for now I'm going to sleep.