Die Hard Trilogy Credits

Credits - Sega Saturn Die Hard Trilogy

Original ProgrammingSimon Pick, Greg Modern
Lead ArtistDennis Gustafsson
Game DesignDennis Gustafsson
Conversion to SaturnVirtually Unreal Ltd.
ArtistsPaul Helman, Ben McGrath
3D World ModellersJames Duncan, Simon Harrison, Dave Kite
DH1 MappingOlly Wood, Russell Wark, Alec Prenter
Texture Mapper, PolyJoinerAndrew Cambridge
Additional Art WorkSteve Middleton
Texture Mapper, AttributingPaul Collingwood
Texture MapperVicky Cheale
Music TeamStephen Root, Neil Palmer
Sound EffectsStuart McDonald
MoCapOlly Wood, Neil Maguire
Voice Actor CoordinatorLani Minella
ProducerMichael Arkin
Producer (Probe)Darren Anderson
PolyfontSimon Harrison
Executive Producer (Probe)Tony R. Porter
Special Thanks ToTerry Haynes (being Terry), Greg Michael (the enemy within), Steve Middleton, Guy Mills (drew the toilets), Peter Jones (knowing about stuff), Scott Marcus, Eric Samulski, Mark Fisher, Andrew Brock, Amanda Garner Patel, Helen Mitchell, Charlotte Prenter, Kirky, Jackson Hamiter, Andrew Lunn, Stuart Indoe, Jim Cadwallader, Michael Devereux
DH1 Level DesignAlec Prenter
DH2 MappingMatt Nagy, Russell Wark
DH2 Level DesignMatt Nagy
Quality Control (Probe)Craig Kerrison, Michael Patrick, Mitchell Slater, Tom Geddes, Mark Viccary, Benedict O'Reilly, Tony Coates, Nick McGee, James Brown
Quality Control (FOX)Michael Dunn, Michael Schneider, Seth R. Roth, Erik Larson, Jackson Hamiter
QA Manager (FOX)Chris Miller
UtilsJohn Croudy (Utensil Merchant), Bob Armour (Utility Man)
DH3 MappingJon Gibson, Kevin Watts, Alec Prenter
DH3 Level DesignJon Gibson, Alec Prenter
Original Music CompositionStephen Root
Die Harder RenderingGary Noden
Die Hard RenderingJason McDonald
With A Vengeance RenderingFrances Castle, Paul Brierly, Charles Jackson
Lead Motion CaptureRichard Hince
StuntsNeil Maguire
StoryboardingNeil Maguire
QA Manager ‑ ProbeClifford Ramsey

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