Written by  :  Andrew Grasmeder (229)
Written on  :  Sep 19, 2004
Platform  :  SEGA Saturn

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Not really worth the time.

The Good

It is interesting that they tried to make three completely separate games based on the Die Hard films. The third game, in which you drive a car through Manhattan rushing to stop time bombs, is by far the best. It actually reminds me of a primitive Midtown Madness. It is a short fun game.

The Bad

Although it was nice that they tried to make three completely separate games, the first two games have serious problems.

The third person shooter game based on the first film is practically unplayable. Graphics, sound and most importantly control are horrible. Your character moves like he is stuck in mud and you have to put eight bullets in guys for them to finally drop. It is just a really horrible game.

I don’t feel like I can fairly comment about the game based on the second film. It is designed to be played with a light gun which I don’t have. Light gun games always are horrible using the standard controller. From what I have played though, it does not seem very good. The graphics are poor and the action seems very repetitive.

Also, I feel obligated to note a disturbing scene. When you lose the third game (by not getting the car to the planted bomb in time), the game cuts to a scene of the New York skyline (including the World Trade Center). The skyline then suffers a massive explosion. Obviously the developers at the time had no idea of what the future would hold, but the scene can still be disturbing to some.

The Bottom Line

Die Hard Trilogy is made up of three completely separate games, one based on each of the Die Hard films. The first game is a third person shooter. The second is a light gun game. The third is a driving game.

Overall the games unfortunately show the low quality typical of a product based on a movie license. None of these games is good, but the driving game is by far the best of three.