Falcom Classics II Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

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SEGA Saturn version

Title screen
Game selection
Ys 2: Loading screen
Ys 2: Title
Ys 2: Intro
Ys 2: Help me, Adol!
Ys 2: Starting location
Ys 2: Dialogue
Ys 2: What do you wish, sir?..
Ys 2: Weapons and armor - all in one
Ys 2: Equipment
Ys 2: Through a cave
Ys 2: First main dungeon. Battle!
Asteka 2: Title
Asteka 2: Intro
Asteka 2: "Plastic" animation, typical for the time
Asteka 2: Main map
Asteka 2: Exploring a mysterious room
Asteka 2: Guys... don't scare me
Asteka 2: Temple
Asteka 2: Outside area
Asteka 2: Examining up close
Asteka 2: More mysterious corridors...
Asteka 2: Spring