Falcom Classics Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

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SEGA Saturn version

Title screen
Game selection
Ys: title
Ys: starting location
Ys: tavern
Ys: potion seller
Ys: armor shop
Ys: blacksmith
Ys: the first quest-giver
Ys: inventory
Ys: nice view!
Ys: outside area. Low-level enemies
Ys: old woman in the second village
Ys: mountain path
Ys: talking to the thief
Ys: temple entrance
Ys: temple dungeon
Dragon Slayer: title
DS: intro
DS: starting area
DS: skeletons are roaming
DS: maze
DS: I'm rich! I'm rich!
Xanadu: title
Xanadu: dialogue with the king
Xanadu: strength training
Xanadu: Buddhist wisdom training
Xanadu: dexterity training
Xanadu: She must be a good charisma teacher...
Xanadu: Magic training? Rrright...
Xanadu: capital city
Xanadu: on the way to the dungeon
Xanadu: short cutscene
Xanadu: a more-or-less safe area
Xanadu: loading on bread
Xanadu: chatting with people in a bar
Xanadu: knights have surrounded me
Xanadu: Not so many at once!..
Xanadu: What, now I'm Catholic?..
Xanadu: battle against snakes