Written by  :  Joshua Price (28)
Written on  :  Dec 08, 2005
Platform  :  SEGA Saturn
Rating  :  0.83 Stars0.83 Stars0.83 Stars0.83 Stars0.83 Stars

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This somehow passes as a fighting game.

The Good

Well, the characters, while pretty generic, are pretty colorful, and they do all have different moves. The only thing that would be innovative about this game would be the fact that there is a weird armor break system, but just everything about this whole game is generic.

The Bad

A whole lot of this game is not to be liked. First of all, the controls are not very responsive, at times, it felt as if I was fighting underwater, they are that sluggish. Another complaint I have is the lack of originality. Sometimes while playing this game, I actually felt like I was playing Battle Arena Toshinden, or a very crappy Virtua Fighter clone(of course this was made by the Virtua Fighter team). I know it is still many of the first series of 3-D fighters, but they could have had more of an effort. And when I'm playing a fighting game, I like to think there is a point in beating it with every character, like a cool ending cinema, or an unlockable secret character, but I was let down hard by this game, very, very, very, very hard. You can just play this through with one character, and that is all the time you will need to spend with this steaming pile of = ( So in conclusion, this game is not innovative, the controls suck, and there is no point in playing it through more than one time, although there is a crappy multiplayer mode, so I guess you can waste your time with that, but that's your own choice. Why did they take the Pepsi Man out of the US release, the world may never know.

The Bottom Line

If you find this game for a dollar, they are charging to much. I got this game for free, and I still feel cheated.