Guardian Heroes Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

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SEGA Saturn version

Main menu
The knights are coming. Let the fun begin.
Gameplay pic 1
Gameplay pic 2
A frame from the opening FMV movie, hence the compression artifacts.
The grave yard area
While primarily a beat-'em-up, Guardian Heroes also offers a classic one-on-one fighting mode.
Intro - Randy and companion
Intro - these guys look a little goofy
Character stats are viewable during the game
The Golden Warrior will be fighting by your side.
At the end of a stage, you can distribute points.
Some dialogue.
Depending on the choices made, different stages will be played.
I went to the forest.
Fighting a giant plant..thing.
Depending on progress in story mode, the number of available characters for playing in versus mode increases.
6 player/CPU match