Madden NFL 97 Credits


Strategy and Game DesignJohn Madden
Developed byHigh Score Productions, Stormfront Studios
Executive ProducerScott Orr
ProducerStephen Sims
Co‑ProducerRic Neil
Assistant ProducerSean House
Product ManagementGary Knight
Movie Animation & TechnologyUmberto Lazzari, Audra Sugarman
StatisticsSTATS Inc.
Player Valuation & LineupJeremy Strauser, STATS Inc.
Recording EngineerMarc Farly
Media Design & Video EngineerErnest Adams
EA Media Laboratory TechnicianJeni Day, Eric Kornblum, Jerry Newton
Documentation LayoutAnita K. Legg, Edward Du Bois
German Manual TranslationMargret Bl√∂mker-Knight
Special Thanks ToJoe Madden, Michael Madden, Sandy Montag, Doug Ramsay, Clay Walker, Monty Amdursky, Gene Goldberg, Nancy L. Fong, Sanford Montag, Sheila Bumgarner, Linda Endres, Curtis R. Cherrington, Murray Allen, Ted Fitzgerald, Duncan Meech, Frank Vigil, EA Canada Config. Lab
Production LeadScott Orr
Bam Bop Zip AnimationsB. Ian Hayden, Scott Harper
Alias/Wavefront AnimationsMark Gurvis, John Sciertoko
Actors/NarratorsJohn Madden (call the action), Pat Summerall (call the action), James Brown (in the EA SPORTS Studios)

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