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Mass Destruction (SEGA Saturn)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Mass Destruction Credits

Mass Destruction Credits

PresidentDavid J. Klein
Executive ProducerHoward Schwartz
Associate ProducerLuciano Manente
Lead AnalystMick Devitt
Packaging DesignLeslie Cullen, Todd R. Emmerson, Cindy C. Wieting
ManualT. S. Flanagan, Jana Gabe
TestersShamus Bowker, Santos Gonzalez, Rich Rosado
Special Thanks ToAdeleke Adebowale, Katie Allen, Al Barone, Jayson Bernstein, Lidia Bonnano, Pamela Bronson, Jeff Castaneda, Doreen Geiger, Howard Horowitz, Grace Keehan, Kathy Mack, Michael Malone, Alex Odulio, Stuart Ploss, Marcello Praino, Ann Quirk

Mass Destruction NMS Credits

Executive ProducersSteve Bruce, Richard Chappells
ProducerAlex Rutter
Game DesignSteve Bruce, Steve Deacon, Andy O'Neil
Production ManagerKeith Jackson
CodingPaul Griffiths
Additional CodingGlenn Benson, Steve Deacon, Keith Jackson, Andy O'Neil
Cut‑Scene CodePatrik Patel, Phillip Trelford
ArtistsWayne Billingham, Kristi-Louise Herd, Paul Humphreys, Hugh Riley, Anthony Waterfield, Graham Waterfield
Object PlacementEd Barlett, Scott Newby
Level ScriptsScott Newby
SoundPeter Connelly, Mark Cooksey
MusicPeter Connelly, Mark Cooksey
QA ManagerEd Barlett
NMS ‑ QA DepartmentPaul Brokhurst, Richard Freeman, John Gregson, Maxine Griffiths, Bob Hands, Ol Hatton, Gary Hurton ("IDD"), Scott Newby, Phil Partridge, Ian Waite ("Eric")
Mass Destruction LogoDesigners Republic

Mass Destruction BMG Credits

ProducerGary J. Foreman
Game DesignGary J. Foreman
Production CoordinatorClaire Cuthill
Technical DirectorMark Crane
BMG QA ManagerSteve Mann
BMG ‑ QA DepartmentPaul Cuthill, Jeremy Goldstein, Ronnie Jackson, Sean James, Ken Jordan, Darren Lloyd, Adam Rabin, Michael Wenn

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