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Comic book ad:
    Some people go to extremes to play NBA Action 98. They should. In this game, you're up again guys who'd like nothing better than to pound your puny torso into the court. We're talking every NBA player, every NBA team, all 29 Arenas. Team specific plays. Behind the back passes. Alley oops. It's all here. Chick Hearn even calls the plays. NBA Action 98. See how you measure up.

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (59385) on Sep 01, 2012.

readme file:

    NBA Action 98


    • All 29 NBA Teams
    • Over 340 NBA players
    • Full-team rosters from the 1996-1997 season (updated as of 10/1/97)
    • Choose from 10 different camera angles, as well as Free-Cam
    • Ultra-smooth texture mapping
    • Monster sound
    • In-depth playbooks for offensive and defensive plays, including team-specific plays
    • Players rated across 20 different categories by real NBA scouts
    • Supports up to four simultaneous players using Microsoft Sidewinder gamepads
    • Full instant-replay options
    • Create-A-Player
    • Player trades
    • User records
    • Create your own roster
    • Season-ending awards
    • Big-name Signature Moves!
    • Alley-oops, behind the back passes, an no-look passes are all in the game
    • Commentary by long-time Lakers announcer Chick Hearn

    Contributed by Roedie (5255) on Mar 29, 2002.