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Mega Fun (Dec, 1996)
NBA Jam Extreme spielt sich wie frisch aus der Spielhalle: keine zeitaufwendigen Einstellmenüs, simple, aber effektive Steuerung und nur eine einzige, optimale Perspektive. Im Prinzip braucht man nicht einmal die Anleitung zu lesen, da vor und während des Spiels die wichtigsten Steuerbefehle und Strategien erklärt werden. Daß nur jeweils zwei Basketballer eine Mannschaft bilden, unterstreicht zusätzlich die leichte Bedien- und Erlernbarkeit. Meiner Meinung nach ist mit NBA Jam Extreme eine optimale Mischung aus Fun-Sports (Fire, Extreme-Dunks) und realistischem Basketball gelungen. Die Technik wurde zudem gut gelöst. Die Rotationseffekte und die subjektive Kameraführung laufen ruckelfrei ab und die vielen grafische Details, wie beispielsweise der Flammenschweif sind auf der PlayStation ansprechend programmiert worden.
Defunct Games (Jun 10, 2007)
Despite the NBA Jam Extreme’s major shortcomings the overall entertainment experience is satisfying. It’s definitely not nearly as good as the other Jam games yet it still held my interest. Power shoving the players is classic (especially at the Sculptured Software Team for their less than stellar product efforts) and multiplayer is extremely appealing when playing with three other friends, effectively making the passing situation more user friendly. If you have exhausted the other Jam games and are looking for something different then you might as well try Extreme. However, if you have never owned or played a Jam game start with T.E. or Hangtime.
Game Revolution (Jun 06, 2004)
Overall, the game is just OK. Acclaim basically took a game that was great in the arcade and made it bad in the home entertainment systems. They improved upon nothing at all, and the only area they attempted to upgrade were the graphics, and they failed. Sure, the game is kinda cool, but no, it's not different, and certainly no better that the one that we saw years ago.
GameSpot (Dec 19, 1996)
NBA Jam Extreme for the Saturn offers two-on-two basketball with a variety of superhuman moves, special teams, and secret options. After spending an hour with this game, you'll probably feel the Extreme urge to Jam the Saturn through the television screen.
Of the arcade-style games in this series, going back to the original all the way through NBA Hoopz, this is easily the worst of the lot. In fact, it's one of the more ridiculous basketball games ever devised. The Playstation port is a small notch better, simply because the frame rate is more tolerable. There's no reason to play that either since it's the same game and far better ones exist. Stick with NBA Hangtime.