Advertising Blurbs

Back of Case - Genesis (US):

    Get in the GAME!

    Head-to-head action so real you can't play just one game. You want more checks, more speed, more kick saves, more NHL hockey. It's all here.

    Skills Challenge
    See how you measure up in the Puck Blast, Rapid Fire, Shooting Accuracy, and Puck Handling Relay
    • Aim and snipe the target out of the corner
    • Legendary EA SPORTS gameplay plus all the players, all the teams, and all 26 home rinks
    • Practice your skills in the puck handling relay

    Signature Moves
    15 moves from NHL stars
    • Fake the Shot, through your legs and around the defenseman.

    More! More! More!

    NEW National teams-US, Canada, and Europe, plus both 1996 NHL All-Star squads

    NEW All-Time User Records

    NEW 4 Simultaneous Seasons

    Create, Trade, Sign, and Release players

    Updated Teams, Players, and Rating

    Configurable penalties, difficulty, and line changes

    Contributed by kcar181- (530) on Nov 26, 2005.

Manual Introduction - Windows (Scandinavian):
    It's no surprise why the finest Ice Hockey players in the world are drawn to the National Hockey League: The NHL offers the greatest level of competition!

    Just as the best professional hockey players feel challenged only when skating against the best, hockey gamers want to take on the computer game that plays the most authentic version of their favourite sport.

    NHL 97 takes all the sights, sounds, and emotions of a National Hockey League season and places them in the palm of your hand with an eerie realism. From players lying down on "D" to block shots to the frustration of a perpetrator sent to the penalty box. From the roostertail spray of shaved ice produced by a quick-stop to the piercing clap of a powerful slap shot.

    In the sports gaming world, NHL 97 is the only competition on ice!

    NHL 97 Features:

    • Exhibition, Season, and Playoff game modes.
    • Rookie, Pro, and All-Star levels of competition.
    • Two-computer modem and network support in any game mode.
    • Real-time rendered polygon players based on the motion capture from an NHL player.
    • Play by Play and rink announcers.
    • Eight broadcast-quality camera angles - You choose the angle you want to view; change camera angles during gameplay with the press of a button.
    • All 26 NHL teams with updated player ratings and rosters, and new logos including the Phoenix Coyotes.
    • Both 1996 NHL All-Star squads and five international teams (Canada, USA, Scandinavia, Russia, and Europe).
    • 30 authentic, personalised goalie masks worn by the goalies in the game.
    • Over 700 NHLPA hockey players with over 600 player photographs.
    • Hundreds of player moves including give-and-go plays, one-timer shots, one-time passing, glove downs, wrist shots, hip checks, and more.
    • Fighting option

    Contributed by Kabushi (202600) on Jan 25, 2005.

Back Cover - PlayStation NTSC:

    "If it's in the game IT'S IN THE GAME"

  • Over 650 NHL players
  • All 26 teams
  • East and West All-Star teams
  • Player names and numbers on jerseys
  • Create and trade players
  • Updated trades, ratings, rosters

  • 15 Signature Moves: Modano's deke, Gilmour's drop pass, Roenick's backhand spin
  • 9 Camera angles to play in
  • Season mode
  • Track Stats - Compile teams and player stats
  • 3-D Polygon players

    Shoot like Sakic, skate like Bure

    Messier's one footed wrister, Forsberg's deke, Selanne's quick-stop shot

    Legendary EA SPORTS gameplay never slows down

    Contributed by Xoleras (66865) on Mar 23, 2004.

Back Cover - DOS:


  • Real-time rendered 3D players based on the motion captured from a real NHL player
  • Gravis Grip support allows 4 way play
  • MotionBlending technology ensures the most realistic play
  • All the NHL teams and over 650 NHL players
  • National Teams: Europe, Canada, USA, Russia & Scandinavia
  • Full Season network and modem play (upto 8 players)
  • Legendary EA SPORTS gameplay never slows down

    Contributed by Xoleras (66865) on Mar 23, 2004.