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Advertising Blurbs

Magazine Ad - EGM #87, October 1996:

    { and soar and spin and climb and dive and look way, way down on everything else }


    into dreams

    IS HERE.

    Never, ever, ever, have you experienced anything like this.
    Never, ever, ever, have you been able to fly, fluid and free, in real-time 3D.


    The most revolutionary next-generation game ever. The first true showcase of Sega Saturn's stunning capabilities. The technological tour de force that has everyone in the gaming world absolutely spun.

    The Story
    One of the most immersive, mystical gaming experiences ever, NiGHTS establishes an entirely new gameplay paradigm. Think of it as psychodrama, an express escalator into the schizophrenic, mind-bending virtual world of your dreams. Richocheting between lighter-than-air reveries and dark, macabre nightmares, NiGHTS brings you face to face with both your guiding spirits and your innermost demons.

    The World
    Created by the renowned Sonic Team, NiGHTS is a full-on 3D masterpiece. A world with some of the most vibrant, inspired original graphics ever conceived by fevered imaginations. A world with deep, lush, dreamscape realities, its own micro-climates, even its own natural order. Imagine. Smoke, fog, clouds, rain, and water that appear in multiple levels of transparency. Waterfalls, currents, wind, and, yes, a tornado that all follow the laws of fluid physics. Independent light sources that play on both action and backgrounds at different, shifting luminosities. All backed by a raging soundtrack that blends jazz, orchestra, rock, world music, and effects.

    The Gameplay
    NiGHTS screams along at banshee speed. Despite massive 3D demands, its adaptive speed management system supports both breakneck gameplay and breakthrough environments. Witness its ability to replicate the true sensations of flight. Its lightning multiple morph sequences. Its over twenty tracking camera angles that scroll shift in real time. And its omnipresent symphony of 3D positional sound.

    Engineered specifically to intensify the NiGHTS experience, Sega Saturn's 3D Control Pad establishes a new benchmark in smooth and dynamic operation. In analog mode, its pulse-sensitive thumbpad enables unprecedented maneuverability at breathtaking speeds. Switching to digital mode allows compatibility with almost all other Sega Saturn games. (Please call 1-800-USA-SEGA for any compatibility questions.)

    The Benediction
    There's more, of course. But the rest is up to you. So kick off your walking shoes. Say your prayers. And fly. No way you'll sleep. But you'll have wicked good dreams.

    into dreams

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4676) on Mar 28, 2004.

Back Cover:
    Immerse yourself in an unparalleled 3D flying experience. NIGHTS delivers a truly amazing virtual world of dreams – filled with unbelievable real-time effects, fantastic creatures and nightmarish monsters.

  • A masterful showcase of Sega Saturn’s raging processing power.
  • Face your worst nightmares in a stunning world of 3D gameplay.
  • Dozens of camera angles, never-seen-before effects and 3D positional sound.
  • Developed exclusively for Sega Saturn by the creators of “Sonic the Hedgehog.”

    Contributed by Jeanne (76644) on Nov 10, 2002.