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Pebble Beach Golf Links (SEGA Saturn)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Pebble Beach Golf Links Credits


ProducersWallace Poulter, Gerald DeYoung
Executive ProducerWayne Townsend
Lead TestMarc Dawson
Assistant LeadLancelot Nelson, Sean McInnes, Todd Slepian
TestersTodd Morgan, Armando Anguiano, Dillan Manger, David Paniagua, David Dodge, Tracy Johnson, Lorne Asuncion, Aron Drayer, Don Carmichael, David Perkinson, Matt Underwood, Mark Subotnick, Sam Saliba, Stephen Bourdet, Rick Greer, Leonard Sayers, Ken Spalasso, Terry Thomas
MarketingKelly Ryan, Doug Rebert
ManualJohn McClain, Mike Deininger
Sega SportsMichael Meischeid, Chris Smith, Scott Rohde, Chris Cutliff, Rosie Freeman, Craig Ostrander
Special ThanksJoe Miller, Scot Bayless, Michael Latham, David Albert, Michealene Christini, Brad Hogan, John Leonhardt, Katy Weathers, Maxwell Taylor, Noel Puldio, Jef Feldman, Willie Mancero, Mike Weiner, Blair Bullock, Mark Lindstrom, Masaaki Kawamura, James Spahn, Yukimi Shimura, Stephen Patterson

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Credits for this game were contributed by breakyboy (1562)