Phantasy Star Collection Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

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SEGA Saturn version

Main title screen
The CD contains movies and art gallery sections. The movies include gameplay trailers...
...short videos of original game cartridges and consoles... well as weird Phantasy Star-themed theater performances (?)
This guy really looks like Chaz/Rudy from PSIV! Creepy
They actually let this girl wear the same skimpy clothes Rika wears in the game!
The art gallery includes character introduction...
...some crazy pictures, like this ultra-sexy Nei...
...covers of original Phantasy Star games...
...and some nice black-white sketches
Choose your game, hero!
PS: title screen
PS: intro
PS: the heroine in her home town
PS: first-person dungeon
PS: talking to an NPC.
PS: buying armor and weapons.
PS: world map navigation
PS: battle in a forest
PS: close to suicide
PS: battle with a beautiful mountain background
PS: battle on a seashore
PS II: title screen
PS II: the hero wakes up after a nightmare.
PS II: in the city of Paseo
PS II: battle
PS II: talking to Nei
PS II: foxy weapon seller
PS II: Nei alone in the dungeon!
PS III: Intro
PS III: world map
PS III: the prince in his town
PS III: character menu
PS III: all the rooms look more or less the same.
PS III: prison dungeon
PS III: world map
PS III: the battles look rather ridiculous.
PS IV: title screen. Note the absence of the "IV" in the Japanese version.
PS IV: talking to Layla/Alys.
PS IV: nice town
PS IV: world map
PS IV: intro
PS IV: comic book-style cut-scene
PS IV: basement dungeon
PS IV: battle