Powerslave Credits

Published by Playmates Interactive

Executive ProducerDavid A. Luehmann
ProducerChris Archer
Associate ProducerCarlos Rodriguez
QA ManagerRich Frey
Lead TesterAndrew Brown
TestersDavid Ontiveros, Lee Jones, David Arranaga, James Martinez, Anthony Vasquez, Jose Zatarain, Leland Mah
SalesDavid Localio, Kelly Frey
MarketingDavid Localio, Kelly Frey
Technical SupportJose Zatarain, Lee Jones
PRMarci Williams, Steve Honig, Eric Hiss, David Gardner
Special ThanksRichard Sallis, Thomas Chan, Sue Lucchino, Dave Hoffman, Scott Herrington, Playmates Toys, Sachs; Finley & Company

Developed by Lobotomy

Executive ProducersBrian McNeely, Paul Lange
Game DesignBrian McNeely
DirectionBrian McNeely
Game ProgrammingEzra Dreisbach
Brew CodingDavid P. Lawson
MusicScott Branston
SoundScott Branston
Design TeamBrian McNeely, Dominick Meissner, Ezra Dreisbach, Paul Knutzen, Paul Lange, Mark Coates, Jason Wiggin
Creature and Weaponry ArtJohn Van Deusen
Texture and ambient artTroy Jacobson, Joe Kresoja
3D ModelingKevin Chung, William Vallieres
Cinema Scene and Map ArtRichard Nichols, John Van Deusen
Art TeamBrian McNeely, Troy Jacobson, John Van Deusen, Kevin Chung, Paul Knutzen, Richard Nichols, Eric Klokstad, William Vallieres, Joe Kresoja, Jason Wiggin
Stage DesignBrian McNeely, Dominick Meissner, Paul Knutzen
Object and Ambient light toolJeffrey S. Blazier
Peepshow toolPaul Schreiber
Additional Technical SupportJeffrey S. Blazier, Kurt Pfeifer, John Yuill, Paul Haugerud, John Schwab, Patrick Schreiber
Instruction ManualTom Kristensen

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