TNN Motor Sports Hardcore 4x4 Credits

ASC Games

Original ConceptDavid J. Klein
Executive ProducerScott Fentress
TestingDan Bell, Luciano Manente, Brandon Wellman, Shamus Bowker
MusicMichealangelo D'Amico
Recorded AtChunky Studios Tarrytown NY
Voice OverGary Lee
Packaging DesignGroup One Marketing Communications, Seven Trees Creative, Spencer Media
Manual Written ByJayson Bernstein, Jana Gabe, Michael Masone, Kelly McAllen
Special Thanks ToJason Gomez, Steve Grossman, James North-Hearn, Rennsport Communications, SCORE International, TNN Motor Sports, Martin Clayton, David Hall, Paul Morris, Mark Kuchen, Howard Schwartz

Gremlin Interactive Ltd.

ProducerMark Glossop
ProgrammingSteve Camber, Andrew Chapman, Niall Dunne, Michael J. Lister
ArtistsDamon Godley, Nicholas Gomersall, Les Spink, Wai Ming Yeun
Support ProgrammingSteven Lovesey
Software ManagerTim Heaton
Additional ProgrammingPhilip Rankin
Lead TesterCarl Bilby
TestingLee Campbell, Richard Cartwright, Nicola Grice, Andrew Lee, Julia Sturman, Matt Tuckett, Neil Wilson, Stephen Woodward
Sound Effects DesignNeil Biggin, Darren Lambourne

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Credits for this game were contributed by quizzley7 (21723)