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Game Instructions
Stage Select
Shooting a guy in stage 1
Being Shot at in stage 2
Getting shot in stage 2
Stage 3
The game shows a mini tutorial on how to play the game when you turn it on.
It looks like some men in high fashion suits are inspecting some suspicious weaponry!
Cheese it, it's the cops!
You can choose between three missions right from the start, from Beginner to Expert.
This circle will show up on top of the enemy that's going to shoot at you next.
Unnecessary force? Whatever do you mean?
Shoot them in the right spot and you'll get a Bullseye bonus!
Watch out for those innocent bystanders!
Every stage is split up into levels, and you'll get a quick summary of your actions when it's finished.
Oh no, you've been hit!
You can also shoot red barrels and send the enemies flying!
Hitting an innocent bystander will take out one life.
Some enemies will pop up in front of you and attack without warning!
There are other weapons available, such as this automatic handgun.
The shotgun is fast and strong and can take out enemies fast!
Yes, the boss has a rocket launcher and all you have is a standard issue revolver. Nobody said being a cop was fair.
There's also a couple of training modes available.
The training mode is fairly hard if you're not using a Sega Stunner! Don't shoot the red targets!