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Wing Arms (SEGA Saturn)

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Back of Case (US):

    As a member of a WWII allied air squadron or "Wing Arm", you engage a renegade enemy force in 8 different challenging missions. Choose your plane, scout the terrain, locate the enemy, and plot the best course of attack. Meanwhile, the enemy force has it's own mission-- to shoot you out of the sky! Wing Arms is the ultimate test of air war strategy and experience.

    • Choose from 7 vintage fighter planes, each with different battle capabilities.
    • Remarkable graphic realism. You can choose three different points of view -- cockpit, chase and reverse chase.
    • Complete free flight with 360° movement gives you the maneuverability to elude, or challenge, the enemy. But only a keen eye and steady hand will score a hit.
    • Each Wing Arms mission introduces new terrain, new strategies, and new dangers. Good luck, Ace!

    Contributed by breakyboy (1562) on Mar 26, 2006.

Back of Case - Saturn (UK):
    As the Avalon forces launch their attack on our base, your mission is to neutralise the enemy fleet. Take to the deadly skies in one of 7 World War II fighter planes and engage the enemy in a lethal series of dog-fights, air-to-ship offensives, canyon chases and perilous night missions.

    Contributed by Evilhead (1049) on Dec 16, 2004.