Yu-No: Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shōjo Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

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SEGA Saturn version

Strange intro, with naked pixies...
... and unicorns (there's no unicorn in the game!)
"The Philosophy of Time Travel"
Takuya's father is hiding his dangerous book
A ghost in the night?
She drops a sphere of Rare Metal
The sphere powers the time clock
Beautiful title screen
Reminiscence of Takuya's long lost mother...
Blue sky, white clouds...
Ah, white panties?
Eriko-sensei is the enigmatic school nurse
Masakatsu and Mio are your contemptuous schoolmates
Mitsuki-sensei is an "old" favorite of yours...
Who's that outlandish bimbo coming out of the school grounds?
What is Kanna-chan doing around the Geo Technics site?
The Sword Cape spire is said to be the ancient portal to another world...
Home sweet home
Takuya has been living with his stepmother after his father died a few years ago
Takuya's bedroom
That newscaster is talking about the controversial Geo Technics site
Your stepmom happens to work at Geo Technics
She seems to be reprimanded by her boss...
Ayumi is making dinner for you
A former student of your daddy, she fell in love with him...
... but he rarely cared for her and just vanished one day
That parcel you received contains a weird mirror... and a letter from your supposedly deceased father!
The letter asks you to meet him at 10 PM around Sword Cape
Look. Examine. Wait... Rinse and repeat. Raiders of the lost flag!
This is definitely not your father...!
She has golden hair and pointy ears... Is she a gaijin?
Taken by surprise, you black out in a flash of light!
Why is Kanna-chan watching the scene from afar?
When you wake up, your mirror has turned into a time map of sort...
The short Prologue was a digital comic
The bulk of the game is a full-fledged inventory-based point & click adventure!