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Neo GeoGameFan Magazine (Jan, 1993)
In part one, the journey was long, and treacherous. Sengoku 2 doesn't deliver that same type of feel. Although the game has sharper graphics, more detail to character animation, and more moves, it's just too short. games this big and expensive should last a lot longer.
Neo Geo CDThe Video Game Critic (Sep 06, 2002)
Although most enemies are samurai-inspired, there's always something new lurking around each corner, including a few horseback-riding stages. Some the bosses, like the giant skeleton at sea, are absolutely jaw-dropping. But what really impressed me is Sengoku 2's attention to detail. Enemies keel over dramatically as they are sliced in half. Swords clash and lock against each other. Dragons fly in the background as crowds of people run in fear. Although the game is a CD, the loading times are not bad at all. On the downside, the two-player mode is pretty easy, and enemies tend to linger slightly off screen. But overall Sengoku 2 is terrific and a big step up from the original.
Neo GeoVideo Games (Jun, 1993)
Sengoku 2 ist ein abwechslungsreiches Hack‘n‘Slay mit zahlreichen Kampfvarianten und guter Atmosphäre, daß trotz seiner wenigen Levels für genügend Motivation und Spielspaß garantiert.
Neo GeoMega Fun (May, 1993)
SNK schien wohl auf Nummer sicher zu gehen und änderte nur dezent das Spielprinzip. Ok, Grafik und Sound sind insgesamt viel eindrucksvoller geworden, und vor allen Dingen die tollen Effekte sind sehenswert. Ein paar Sachen stören mich allerdings immer noch bei diesem Gemetzel: Die Schlagvariationen sind einfach zu wenig (gerade mal zwei), die Spielfläche ist zu klein, so daß das Ausweichen manchmal unmöglich ist und zu guter letzt sind die Verwandlungen diesmal nicht sehr wirkungsvoll. Doch all diese Kritikpunkte macht Sengoku 2 durch die vielen atemberaubenden Szenenwechsel wieder wett. Das gesamte Spiel gleicht einer Achterbahn: Ständig wird man von neuen Grafiken und neuen Gegnern berieselt. Auch wenn das Spiel vom Prinzip her stupide ist, Spaß machen tut es trotzdem.
WiiNintendo Life (Nov 13, 2012)
Hack and slash fans should find a lot to like about Sengoku 2 and it's unique and intense gameplay system. The mammoth variety of backdrops do a nice job of giving the game a broad feel, but like any other beat em' up, repetitiveness is still the biggest drawback of the experience. There's still plenty of fun to be had and if you know what you're getting into, then you certainly should at least find enough meat on the bone to keep you slashing through to the end. It's not the most diverse game, but it is rather high in variety, especially for a hack and slash release from the early '90s.
Neo GeoAll Game Guide (1998)
Sengoku 2 is a marked improvement over the original, and fans of Sengoku will find a lot to like. If you're only looking for gameplay, Sengoku 2 isn't a bad choice, but there are better games out there. But when you take the game's gameplay, theme and character-changing as a whole, they make for an enjoyable package.